Fuel Injection / De-Carbonizing

Are you feeling a difference in the performance of your vehicle?

  • Poor fuel mileage
  • Poor acceleration
  • Rough idle
  • Engine pinging
  • Repeated stalling
  • Hesitation

This could result in the "Check Engine" light coming on.

Over time, dirt, carbon deposits and varnishes are formed in your vehicle's fuel system.

Most vehicles should be tuned up every 70,000 to 100,000 miles and the fuel injection system serviced every 24,000 miles or 2 years in order to maintain good and efficient fuel delivery.  An engine fuel injection / de-carbonizing service should be included in your routine maintenance.

The FuelKare™  fuel injection cleaning system uses a special cleaning solution under pressure to clean the fuel injectors, pressure regulator, fuel rails, de-carbonizes intake and exhaust valves, and de-carbonizes combustion chamber and pistons.

The Benefits of Fuel Injection Service

  • Saves you money - by improving fuel mileage.
  • Easier cold start
  • Reduces emissions
  • Reduces the risk of break down
  • Contributes to the overall performance of your vehicle


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