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ONLY $26.00  for each Oil Service 

with the Purchase of our 

8 Oil Service Coupon Book 

for only  $208.00                                     

ONLY $29.10  for each Oil Service 

with the Purchase of our

 4 Oil Service Coupon Book for

only  $132.00

Valid for most cars and light trucks with up to 4 quarts of premium engine oil.  Diesels and some imported automobiles are excluded from this offer.  

   You get a full 23 Point Oil Service 
that that can be used for any vehicle in your family 
and will never expire!

This service includes:

Change oil filter and add up to 4 quarts of motor oil
Lube hood and door hinges
Lube chassis, steering and suspension

and we check the following:

Fluid leaks State inspection sticker
Battery maintenance Battery level
Battery hold-downs All lights
Gear lube Transmission fluid
Coolant PH level Radiator coolant
Coolant freeze point Belts and hoses
Windshield washer fluid Wiper blades
Tire condition Tire pressure
Power steering fluid Exhaust
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